I had never heard of the Holderness Family, but this will be my second video of theirs I’m posting today, and they have many many many many more. These people are hilarious. But this video needs to be the anthem for 2020. It is perfect. Even before the MURDER HORNETS! and the Coronavirus, Steve and […]

No One Should Ever Vote For Doug Ford Again, Said Doug Ford

Doug Ford Furious At Doug Ford For Cutting Funding To Long-Term Care Homes Toronto – After the Canadian military’s report on the state of long-term care homes was released, Doug Ford has stated how disappointed and angry he is over Doug Ford’s health care cuts that led to the homes being in this state. After […]

How Many Naked, Drunken Burglars Does It Take To Unscrew Some Light Bulbs?

I’ve been sitting here for about the last five minutes trying to figure out what this fella’s plan might have been. Maybe the fireplace poker is a weapon. Sensible enough. Maybe you unscrew the light bulbs so that if your intrusion is detected they can’t get a look at you, buying you some time to […]

I Have A Hard Enough Time With Cold Dr. Pepper. Who Are These People Heating It UP?

Who am I to argue with Dick Clark, but nobody ever actually drank hot Dr. Pepper in real life, did they? Please tell me nobody ever did that. It cannot possibly be a thing that ever caught on outside of maybe a mental institute or two. It just can’t. Barfity barf barf.