I Don’t Like Spiders And Brakes

I’m guessing that the Australian fellow who caused such a commotion while trying to kill a spider that neighbours thought a woman was being murdered and this New Yorker who flipped his car because one landed in his lap are not the same person, but I can’t confirm that.

According to the sheriff’s office, the Alexander, N.Y. man was traveling northbound on Route 98 near Rose Road around 1:30 p.m. when he stated a spider jumped on his leg and startled him.
Deputies say the man stated he tried to get the spider off his leg which caused him to go off the road and strike an embankment causing his vehicle to flip.

Neither he nor any other drivers were harmed during the incident. The condition of the spider was not reported.

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  1. There’s a spider in my car, in my car. There’s a spider in my car, in my car. Hope the crash won’t leave a scar, there’s a spider in my car. There’s a spider in my car, in my car.

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