Too Distracted By Your Phone To Drive Properly? There’s An App For That, Because That Makes A Lot Of Sense

New app targets distracted drivers with traffic alerts
Maybe I’m the idiot here, but it strikes me that the only app we should need to tackle distracted driving is one called the power button that shuts the fucking phone off while you’re driving because clearly you don’t have enough self control built in. Instead of piling distractions upon distractions, maybe just set the eyes in your big, stupid head to watch the road mode and the problem would take care of itself. Technology is not always the solution to our problems, especially when they’re problems created by the very same technology.

The app “TravelSafely” sends warning signs right to your smartphone for everything from your speed in a school zone to a light that’s about to change.

“It’s all built around safety,” Jeff Wilson, regional sales manager of Applied Information, said. “It takes approximately 3 seconds before the light changes and the motorist is going to get an alert to get ready for green.”
The new app targets distracted drivers who could be distracted by texting or talking.

It can even tell if you are about to strike a pedestrian and vice versa – it enables cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to know when a vehicle is approaching.

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