If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself. And Maybe Attack A Pregnant Lady While You’re AT It

I’ve been posting stories like this one forever, but I’m still amazed by them sometimes. I just simply cannot imagine being this angry about something so trivial. What has to be going on in your life that a fucked up McChicken is your last damn straw? I understand maybe getting a bit upset, saying a couple mean things and apologizing. That happens sometimes in spite of our best efforts. But trying to beat up a pregnant lady because somebody forgot your toppings? Who does that?

Hanson entered the restaurant and declared that “her food was made wrong,” according to a customer who spoke with police. Hanson “requested a refund” and “then went behind the counter,” according to a Norwich Police Department arrest report.
The McDonald’s manager, who is 29 weeks pregnant, told cops that she was “slapped in the face and pushed by Hanson.” A male employee said that when he tried to separate Hanson and his manager, Hanson “slapped him in the face and pushed him.”
The restaurant manager said that after Hanson received a refund, she “stated she was going to make the food herself.” At that point, Hanson came behind the counter and confronted the manager near the French fry station. “She got into my face and slapped me,” the female victim said.
The manager said that prior to Hanson coming behind the counter, other McDonald’s workers told her that the manager was pregnant. In a written statement, the woman added that Hanson replied that, “she had bail money and didn’t care I was pregnant. She hoped I lost my child.”

In an interview with police, Shannelle Hanson reportedly admitted to throwing money at the manager, but said that she couldn’t remember who threw the first punch. And punches were only thrown, she says, because when she went behind the counter to make her own sandwich, the manager “stepped to me” and asked “What are you going to do?” while the two were face to face.

She was charged with breach of peace and assaulting a pregnant woman, which I did not know was its own specific thing.

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