Big Red Marks

There’s only one thing about any of this here that surprises me. They still make Big Red? I remember having some when I was maybe 10 years old on a visit to Michigan, but I don’t think I’ve thought or heard about it since. Nice to hear it’s still around. It was decent enough, as I recall.

Responding to a call in the 200 block of E. Wichita, officers spoke with a witness who told officers that her dad’s girlfriend had struck him in the head with a metal pipe over an argument about a half-empty Big Red soft drink that needed to be thrown away.
Officers spoke with the victim, who told them that he and his live-in girlfriend had gotten into the argument about the half-finished soda when Sanders went into the victim’s room and began beating on the walls and destroying the room.

Not wanting his room to be destroyed, the victim pushed upon the unlocked room door to find the suspect swinging a white metal pipe at him. The victim stepped back a couple of times before being struck in the head with the pipe. The victim told the officer that Sanders kept swinging the pipe, striking him again on his right hand.

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