A Sweep Of The Area Eventually Turned Up The Correct Victim

I’m not here to judge anybody (Who am I kidding?). I’m merely here to point out that if you’re going to hire a couple of guys to break into your house to act like home invaders that want to tie you up and stroke you with a broom while you’re wearing only underwear, that maybe you should inform those guys should you happen to move.

The role play was arranged over Facebook by a man near Griffith, New South Wales, who provided his address to the hired pair.
“He was willing to pay A$5,000 if it was ‘really good’,” the judge said.
However, the client moved to another address 50km (30 miles) away without updating the two men. They then entered a home on the street of the original address.
When the resident noticed a light on in his kitchen at 06:15, he assumed it was a friend who came by daily to make morning coffee.
When the men called out the name of their client, the resident turned on the light and removed a sleep apnoea mask he was wearing.
It was then that he saw them standing above his bed with the machetes, which they appeared to have brought as props for the role play.

When they realised their error, one of the pair said, “Sorry, mate”, and shook the resident’s hand, according to local reports.

To answer the question I’m sure most of you have right now, no, I don’t know either.

And to answer the other question I’m sure you have right now, no, neither of the intruders was convicted of a crime. Charges were filed, but the court found that the break-in was a mistake and not intended to cause actual harm.

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  1. At least these guys didn’t actually have bad intent, unlike that “pizza delivery man” who showed up at our door a few years ago demanding to speak to Matt Pierce. He would not leave even though I said there was no such person here. He wouldn’t leave until you appeared and asked if there was a problem. I don’t think he was delivering pizza to Mr. Pierce either.

    1. Doubtful.  I’m glad he realized he had the wrong house.  If my appearing wasn’t enough to persuade him it would have been trouble.  I’m not exactly the intimidating or fighting type.  I wonder if he ever did find who he was looking for and what came of it.  There was some weird stuff going on in the building around then.

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