Did Somebody Say McFire Suppressant?

If you’re enough of a cheap ass to argue with the drive through lady about how expensive McDonald’s cheeseburgers are, why would you A: burn gas driving away and coming back and B: waste the contents of a perfectly good fire extinguisher? Those things cost money too, you know.

Kimberly Friend claims that the suspects had come through the drive-thru and had argued over the price of cheeseburgers, 9 News.com.au reports. After leaving, their car returned about 10 minutes later. Friend claims that she noticed some of the passengers were recording on their cellphones.
Then, without warning, one of the suspects sprayed her in the face with the fire extinguisher.

“It was so fast, I inhaled it and I tasted it straight away,” she told 9 News. “[I thought] this is poison or something.” Friend was taken to a hospital where she was treated. “It’s still pretty bad but it could have been a lot worse,” she said. “The nurses said it could have caused blindness, very lucky.”

Police were still on the hunt for the culprits at the time this was written.

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