You know what? I hate it when somebody closes a window I want open. I need air, dammit! So I get it, Tanya Cordero. I get it.

According to police, Tanya Cordero, 47, was arrested Monday evening following a confrontation with her boyfriend in a Largo mobile home owned by the man’s mother.
Cordero and the 39-year-old victim have “four children in common,” according to an arrest affidavit, though a grandmother has full custody of the couple’s offspring.
The confrontation between Cordero and her boyfriend was reportedly touched off when Cordero became upset when the man closed a window in her room.
So, investigators allege, Cordero “smashed hamburger in his face.”

When speaking to police, Cordero insisted that she did no such thing. There were two major problems with this claim, however.

  1. Some of the hamburger that she didn’t hit him with was still in his ear when they arrived to investigate.
  2. Cordero is alleged to have commented that she hoped he choked on it.

She was charged with domestic battery. She has since been released from custody and has been ordered to have no contact with the victim.

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