Today In Weird Ass Gathering Rules

Legitimate question: Is the Ontario government coming up with these new loosened gathering and reopening rules by using a dart board or a hat? Seriously, they read like nonsense.

Now you can have a wedding or a funeral ceremony outside that can include 50 people as long as those people can distance, but the minute that ceremony stops being a ceremony and starts resembling a reception, you’re limited to ten. If you’re having an indoor ceremony, you’re limited to 30% capacity no matter the size of the building, which is essentially the church rule. But again, no 11 person receptions, got it?

And why was Kitchener Waterloo allowed to advance to stage two of the reopening in the original group while Hamilton wasn’t? We have more total cases than they do, and it’s as much or more of a hot zone here as it is there. You can argue proximity to the GTA, but if somebody is willing to go to Hamilton to look for a patio or a hair cut, they’re going to be fine driving to Guelph or KW. Anyone who understands the first thing about how people work knows this, plus we already have salon owners telling the media that they’ve been turning down business from those areas right from day one. And really, if distance is your argument, why is a bunch of stuff surrounding Toronto about to move on? If the goal is containment and that’s already a problem, this is only going to make it worse.

And now Doug Ford is out here saying that more restrictions should ideally be loosening by around June 26th. I don’t really blame him for floating a date I guess, but if you don’t have a calendar handy, the one he’s floating just happens to be right around the Canada Day long weekend. That sounds less like science and more like convenient, feel good, vote buying horseshit to me. Whatever you want to call it, it’s not making me feel very confident or safe about where we might be headed.

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