Walking Around ON Spaghetti Legs

I don’t know what this guy’s situation was ( either broke and hungry or total asshole seem like good bets), but whatever it was, it maybe should have been obvious that stuffing a container of piping hot spaghetti down his pants wasn’t going to be the best way to improve it.

Stupidity at its highest form, putting a hot meal of spaghetti down your pants not only is it going to burn you but will expose you to the public for attempted shoplifting ‼️ Does anyone recognise this person ? If so please message us with details. Much appreciated.

Posted by Forrest Road Fresh on Sunday, June 30, 2019

The footage shows a young man walking in the hot food isle where he quickly settles on a small aluminium foil container of hot pasta for his lunch.
In the full view of a customer browsing the aisle next to him he opens the waist of his trousers and slides it down his pant leg.

Quickly realising the heat of the situation, he starts walking towards the registers but his stride quickly turns in to a fast limp as the temperature becomes to much to handle.
Now in quite a lot of pain, he reaches into his pants but the container has come apart in his trousers as the young man flings out the pasta lid in vain.
The shoplifter heads straight for the door leaving a trail of spaghetti behind him.

According to another report, the man has been banned from the store. Had he been me, I don’t know that that would have been necessary. I wouldn’t be in much of a hurry to show my face in there again.

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