Fireworks In The Daytime. Why?

All right, it’s blind guy question time since this is on my mind again because of what time of year it is.

Can somebody please explain to me what the point is of shooting fireworks off in the daytime?

The way that I’ve always understood fireworks is that they’re a nighttime thing. When it starts getting dark, the bright colours light up the night sky, creating a beautiful display if all goes well. I understand fireworks this way because that’s how they were explained to me as a child quite literally by everyone. It makes sense to me, seeing as how the sun is a giant light. Why would you turn on a bunch of smaller, fancy, momentary lights when there’s already a big light on, right?

But it seems that not everyone has gotten this memo.

When I was a kid, pretty much every year without fail there would be at least one family who would shoot off at least a handful of firecrackers in the middle of the afternoon. I could never tell which family it was, because the sound would always come from far away and it’s not like I was exactly waiting for it. When I would ask my mom or whoever about it, I would get the same answer every time. “I don’t know.” I was fine with that back then, figuring it was just some strange person in our little village. It probably wasn’t worth putting a lot of thought into. But I’ve moved around a lot since those days, and pretty much everywhere I’ve gone I’ve noticed this. I’ve found it’s especially common in Guelph and Kitchener, but that could simply be because I’ve lived in both cities for quite a while and have had more time to pick up on it.

Whatever the case, I’m just as baffled by it as a grown man in my 40s as I was all those years ago. So please, somebody help. Especially if you’re somebody who does this.

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