Just Wear The Damn Mask. And If You Honestly Can’t, Just Say So

Perhaps some of you might remember a website from years ago called the Biggest Idiot On The Internet. It’s sadly not around anymore, but if it was I’m pretty sure Letitia Montana here would have today’s win sewn up.

A Toronto woman is drawing online ridicule after a video she posted of herself refusing to wear a mask at St. Joseph’s hospital went viral.
Letitia Montana tweeted that she went with her son for a “suspected broken finger” to the emergency department at the hospital at 30 The Queensway on Saturday.
The video shows hospital staff asking her to wear a mask, which she refused to do.
“You are making me wear a mask otherwise you are going to deny me service,” she says to a staff member in the video.
The staff can be heard saying, “please wear a mask, it’s policy” in the background.
The video ends before Montana, who is identified in her Twitter bio as an insurance and investment advisor, said three security guards escorted her out.

I’m generally not a fan of social media backlashes and shamings, but I’ll make an exception for this one. If you’re going to put yourself out there for the world to see acting like such an asshole, you get what you get and you probably even deserve most of it.

Montana later claimed that she didn’t want to wear a mask because of breathing problems, which doesn’t explain why she A: didn’t mention that in her video, B: didn’t mention it in the tweet accompanying the video and C: used the hashtag #filmyourhospital like she’s some sort of civil rights freedom warrior instead of a person with a legitimate health concern.

Yes, masks kind of suck. They’re gross and I can’t wait for the day when we no longer have to bother with them. But that day is not today, and of all the things we’ve been asked to do at various points during this pandemic, this one really isn’t that hard in most cases. If you want to protest mask wearing, fine. It’s as much your right to do that as it is mine to think you’re dumb and irresponsible. But there’s a time and a place for that protest, and that time and place isn’t now at the hospital. Those people already have more than enough to deal with. They need your respect, not your bullshit.

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