We Can Make What?

When Rogers Ignite changed their slogan to…this,

we couldn’t figure out what it was saying. Was it we give Mike a mop? We can like Mark? We can go to Mars? We can make a month? We can make a monk? Guaca macca mole? We can make a march? We eventually settled on “We can make a mark” but we still weren’t sure.
Then there was the new version of the commercial

We started to wonder if it was “we can make more” but the questions continued. We can make more what? Then we wondered if it was “We can make a morgue,” and we were curious if the family of this poor fellow in the ad might make one to put him in if he paused their wifi too many times.

After much debate, I decided to google it…and the mystery was solved! Thank you, Reddit, for two things: 1. You answered the question, and it is “We can make more” and the longer form is “We can make more possible”, and 2. You proved that it wasn’t just us who couldn’t figure out what the slogan was saying. Thank you infinitely!

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