Here We Go Again…

I figured that was an appropriate soundtrack for what I was going to say. I wish I could find proper lyrics. I would write them out but there are a couple of spots where I’m not sure of them all.

Somebody posted this article about the resistance to wearing masks in 1918 and it sounds eerily familiar. The only difference was I think the 1918 pandemic was even more deadly than this one.

Yet even though compliance was high, some complained that the masks were uncomfortable, ineffective or bad for business. Officials were caught in public without masks. And after the war ended, and there was no longer a sense that people should wear masks to keep the troops safe, some dissenters even formed an “Anti-Mask League” in San Francisco.

Yup, it definitely sounds familiar.

At least now, our masks are made of something stronger than gauze, and hopefully nobody plans to poke holes in them so they can smoke while wearing them.

What do they say about repeating history? Ug.

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