I Don’t Think TuneIn Wants My Money Anymore

When they dropped audiobooks from premium a couple of years ago, I was ultimately ok with it. I wasn’t happy to see them go, but I didn’t listen to them nearly as much as I thought I might. It was nice to know they were there when I wanted them, but I mostly used the service for baseball anyway, so it was fine. But as of yesterday, baseball is gone too. That is not fine.

Update to MLB Listening
Select MLB audio, including live home calls, is no longer available on TuneIn Premium. You can still access tons of baseball audio, including podcasts, marquee games and the World Series.

I’ve been a happy subscriber for years, but I think our time together may soon be coming to an end.

  • The commercial free music is nice, but it’s a side benefit for me, not a main feature. If I want commercial free music, I have Spotify for that.
  • All of the streams of over the air stations are available for free. Yes I’ll have to put up with ads in the app, but lots of apps have ads in them. I think I’ll be fine.
  • I don’t need premium to subscribe to a podcast. There are lots of ways to do that.
  • The news programming they offer is centred on America, and you can tell by the way I spell centred that I’m not American. Canada does a fine job covering American news anyway. Sometimes a better job than America does, I would argue.
  • I don’t care about the NFL, so that’s not going to be keeping me around.
  • Last time I checked, a good number of NHL games were still streamable for free in Canada. The Leafs were for sure, and most of the time they would be what I’d be listening to.

So unless they have a surprise up their sleeve and quick, I think that unfortunately once I hit the publish button on this, I’m going to grab my phone and hit the cancel button on Tunein premium. It’s just not worth the $12 a month with tax for me anymore.

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