Barf! These Ice Cubes Taste Like Coors!

This is one of those things I’m surprised doesn’t happen more often. Or does it but the rare part is the perpetrator being caught? Maybe it’s best not to think about it. Enjoy your night out. A nightclub patron relieved himself into a commercial ice maker early Saturday, according to Florida police who arrested the […]

Not All Medicine Is Star Trek Medicine

I’ve been thinking a bit more about Carin’s post. She’s totally right. I pretty much only watch Star Trek when other people make me, but I’ve seen more than enough to get how hilarious it is. But there’s at least one drug that doesn’t come straight out of some alien world. Skyrizi. Maybe I’m the […]

Being Blind In The Pandemic. Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

This column, written by our friend Shermeen Khan (look at me name dropping) for the Waterloo Record gets into a lot of the things that Carin and I have been saying throughout the pandemic. Like us, she and her husband are blind, which in itself adds an extra layer of complexity to dealing with this […]