Dreaming Up Not Normal New Normals

For some reason I have fun writing about any dreams that I could sort of relate to this stupid pandemic. The good news is I’m having less of them. But the ones I’m having are getting weirder and weirder.

A little bit before I actually went over to the mall, I guess my mind was trying to process how the trip would go. The prediction wasn’t good. In the dream, in order to follow the physical distancing markers, I had to play the Allamaraine game, where you have to step on certain panels on the floor.

Hmmm…somehow I don’t think singing to go along with this would be such a good idea.

Anyway, I dreamed that I was trying to Allamaraine my way to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard, but I was so focused on trying to do it right that I wouldn’t notice people getting into my bubble, or how I was cutting into lines and stuff. By the time I got to Dairy Queen, I was so flustered that I didn’t even get what I came for. Somehow, I ended up with “a moose on a stick” of all things. I didn’t even notice I had gotten the wrong thing until I had gotten out of the line and it was too hard to Allamaraine my way back there. So I left, furiously trying to eat this moose on a stick before it dripped all over me and the mall floor.

I get the Allamaraine thing, but moose on a stick? The only thing I can figure is they use a moose as our mascot at work, and there had been talk about how going back to the office would work. So maybe my dream just combined the two.

My most recent dream made me laugh really hard when I woke up. In it, I went back to the office, only to find a huddle of people near my work area. There seemed to be a problem. While the building was abandoned, a feral cat had had kittens in my area, and they were chewing on cords and we had to get them out. So in the dream, I decided that if I hid somewhere and meowed, it would convince the cat and kittens to come to me. So there I was, crouched near one of the cabinets, meowing. And because it’s a dream, it started to work. But at the end, there was one smart kitten that wouldn’t come, and I think there was one very sick kitten. Then the dream ended.

Um wow. I don’t think that will be how things go when I go back to the office whenever that is. The building hasn’t been that abandoned, and…just no. But it was a funny picture.

So that’s the sum total of my new dreams. It’s probably good that my brain has been less diverse in its ideas. But it definitely hasn’t been less creative.

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