Bit of an old story, but it gets a post anyway thanks to the hot tip it provides. Literally.

If you and your pal are responsible for the removal of massive quantities of smuggled drugs from a shipping container, one of you really ought to make sure that the both of you can get in and out at will. Failure to take this important step may result in your having to call the fuzz for help and ultimately wind up with you being locked in yet another box from which you can not escape.

Two men became trapped in a shipping container full of cocaine in the port of Antwerp on Wednesday, the hottest day ever recorded in Belgium.
As the heat rose, they made a desperate call to the police emergency line, Antwerp prosecutors said.
It took officers two hours to find the container in the huge port, western Europe’s main gateway for smuggled drugs.
Guns drawn, police opened the door and the exhausted pair, stripped to the waist, gratefully gave themselves up.
A social media video of the arrests shows port employees pouring water on the suspects to cool them as afternoon temperatures skirted 40 degrees Celsius.

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