People Are Putting Masks In The Microwave? People Are Putting Masks In The Microwave

I would very much like to tell you all that I am surprised to learn that people have been accidentally setting fires by putting their masks in the microwave to sterilize them, but that would be a lie. What does surprise me, however, is that the sort of person who would do a thing like […]

Drinkin’ And Huggin’ And Kissin’ And Spittin’

Notwithstanding the way he’s approaching the back to school plan, I stand by what I said a few months ago. The Doug Ford that we’ve gotten during the pandemic is a much better Doug Ford than the regular Doug Ford. He’s also a pretty amusing Doug Ford, and not for the usual reasons (mockery, ridicule, […]

Say Healthy People Have Nothing To Worry About One More Time…

Of all the things I’m getting right sick of during this pandemic, one of the worst is having to constantly hear some clown or other say that everyone else is making far too big a deal out of COVID because healthy people have nothing to worry about. Even if we pretend that all of those […]