How About We Don’t Have An Election

Most Canadians comfortable with an election amid coronavirus — what would it look like?
Count me firmly in the camp of not most Canadians, then.

I’m not personally opposed to going out to vote right now. I don’t live in a region that’s currently overrun by disease, so I’m sure I would be fine. But I sympathize with those who don’t feel safe. Leaving the house is literally a life or death decision for some people, and it’s not one they should be forced to make in order to take part in an entirely unnecessary democratic exercise.

That, by the way, is why I’m not comfortable with an election right now. We don’t need one. We just had one. No, it didn’t really settle anything, but we have what we have and right now what we have has served us pretty well in some extremely uncertain times. Now isn’t the time to be potentially changing leadership. It would be one thing if we had to because four years had passed and the term was up, but it hasn’t even been a year. There’s no good reason to go to the polls at the moment, especially with the extra costs it would take to pull it off safely during a pandemic. We can all judge the dumb, completely preventable, manufactured outrage filled scandals when real election day gets here. But right now, if all of you could just fucking cooperate with each other and help your country through this mess, that would be peachy.

If you’re a Liberal, that means don’t put something in the next throne speech that absolutely no one can support in order to trigger your own demise. And if you’re everyone else, it means don’t oppose simply for the sake of opposing or because you think it’ll score you a few extra points with the base. You don’t have to agree on every single detail, but for Christ’s sake, try to meet each other half way and get some things done. I think, when it comes down to it, most Canadians would like that a whole lot more than having to vote again.

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  1. And if you are the Governor General, right hand to the queen, maybe stop being such an abusive asswipe to all of your employees. Thank you.

    1. Also, if you happen to be the Prime Minister, maybe check your ego a little bit. Maybe stop being such an arrogant ass, and stop thinking you can get away with all kinds of unnecessary bullshit. You are just barely in office buddy. Remember that.

    2. Serious question.  Why do we even need a Governor General?  I know all of the stuff about ties to Britain and parliamentary systems.  My question is why do we really need one?  Like really why?  When was the last time a Governor General did a thing that genuinely impacted policy or law or life?  A thing that had it not been done would have changed the direction of history?  And no, rubber stamping whatever the government shits out doesn’t count.

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