Try Before You Buy

I haven’t been seeing nearly as much of this sort of thing lately (Virus keeping all of them at home?), especially not ones starring women.

A Fort Pierce cop was dispatched early Tuesday evening to the Lion’s Den Adult Superstore “in reference to a disturbance,” according to an arrest affidavit. En route to the business, a dispatcher noted that “there was a female in the store wearing a purple shirt and had on no pants.”
Before the officer entered Lion’s Den, a worker explained that the masturbating suspect had “removed a sex toy from the packaging and was now fully nude.” The woman, the worked added, had disappeared into a stock room with the sex toy.
When he entered the stock room, the officer found Theresa Stanley, 36, “sitting in an office chair with her feet up on the table.” Stanley had a “pink colored, penis shaped sex toy” in her hand and was using the device in a “masturbatory manner.”
Right after the cop appeared, Stanley “stopped making use of the sex toy and dropped it on the ground.”

She was placed under arrest on charges of theft and indecent exposure. When asked, she declined to answer any of the officer’s questions. I get it. What is there to say after something like this? Ok, maybe “can a girl get a little privacy in here” or “how about helping a sister finish,” but beyond that, nope. Nothing.

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