Blah Talk

These Raw Talk and Talking Smack shows that WWE does. Who are they for? Who out there, when Raw in particular is over, wants more? By the time I get through the experience I’ve generally about had my fill of nonsensical yip yap and time filling gum flapping. I never watch anything live anymore, and it’s still hard enough making it to the end most weeks. I can’t imagine trying to sit there in real time while remaining both awake and interested. Last night I was flipping over to Raw whenever a commercial would come on whatever Carin and I were watching, and not once in about 7 or 8 tries did I actually see a wrestling match. Not only were there no matches, everything that was supposed to be advancing something looked boring, shitty and fake. For example, why is Angel Garza forced to talk to other Spanish speakers using the same terrible dialogue as everyone else in English, a language that is very clearly not his first? It’s completely unnatural and makes for very bad television.

But even if 99% of all the talking wasn’t completely horrendous for one reason or another, what else am I tuning in for? I can’t even remember the last time WWE got me anywhere near invested in a match that wasn’t a Royal Rumble, and even the Rumble I don’t need to hear anyone scriptedly yammer about ad nauseam. In fact, the more most of WWE talks about anything, the less I want to see it. So why would I tune in for an extra half hour or whatever of them talking about it? They have almost no good stories and almost nobody who can figure out how to break through the endless rules and do their best to tell them.

I get that they need content for the Network and social media, but what good is content if it’s a complete waste of time that nobody could possibly want to watch.

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