Good On You, CHCH

Thank you, you small, independent television station, for putting on a more complete newscast than one of the richest media companies in Canada can be bothered to produce.

It’s been more than three years since CTV obliterated a bunch of local sports departments and no, I’m still not over it. I’ll never be over it. That decision was and always will be absolute steaming garbage. Tossing out special reports about how much people like standing on sidewalks to watch the Raptors and mentioning the Rangers now and then in no way replaces what the local coverage meant to people and communities, nor does it make up for the fact that it’s just nice and handy to see who won stuff. You know, to be informed, like you’re supposed to be after watching the news.

As for CHCH, if you guys had more of a focus on Kitchener and area (it doesn’t make sense that you would what with you being located in Hamilton), chances are I would choose you over CTV far more often than just the nights during football season when they bump the 6 o’clock news. Yes, this lack of sports thing really does irritate me that much. But besides that, I just like the product, and the idea of getting my news from someplace that isn’t an enormous corporation that doesn’t care about the people it serves.

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