Only Possible Thing That Could Have Happened Happens

I’m not sure how much to read into this, but it has to mean something, right? It certainly makes me think twice about praising Doug Ford’s decision making skills, and if people are somewhat less inclined to take the government’s advice after this it’s not hard to understand why. This is pretty much the last […]

I’m Lynn Beyak, And I Approved This Message. Wait, No I Didn’t. My Mistake

God, don’t you just hate it when you accidentally claim to live in a town and country you don’t live in and write down the incorrect occupation on a form and then wind up donating to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in violation of American campaign finance laws? That’s what happened to Senator Lynn Beyak who, […]

This Post Is Brought To You By…Someone Or Other

I’m noticing a theme with TV commercials that is really starting to bug me. They don’t tell you what they’re for anymore! I have talked about this before when I cursed Sobeys to the ends of the earth, but it’s getting worse, and I have assembled a flock of them to prove my point. I […]