I Bring This Stuff Everywhere. You Can Never Be Too Careful With So Many Thieves Around

Rare is the day when I actively hope that a person is homeless, but today is that day. Because if this woman wasn’t, what was she thinki…never mind. I really ought to know better than this by now.

A 23-year-old Guelph woman has been charged after police say she brought several bags of stolen property with her to the courthouse on Tuesday.
Police say a woman was seen “carrying several bags of property and acting suspiciously.”
Police spoke with her about her behaviour and the property. Police say the bags contained identity documents, tools used for break and enters and stolen property.
“It is alleged that items in the bags the Guelph woman was carrying were linked to six different thefts from vehicle incidents that had been reported in the last two weeks.

She has been hit with a slew of charges, including possessing identity documents, possession of break and enter instruments, possession of stolen property, breaching an undertaking and two counts of breaching an order of recognizance.

Police say that some of the stolen property has been returned to its rightful owners. My money’s on the identity documents.

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