Goin’ On A Poppy Hunt

Other years, especially when we were new here, the quest for a poppy has been a difficult one. Now, it’s going to be wacky for everyone because of the new normal.

The Royal Canadian Legion is selling non-medical masks and will roll out electronic payment options during this year’s poppy campaign, which has been adjusted for the pandemic.
Most legion branches will not set up donation tables or place volunteers at store entrances due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions across the country.
However, the national veteran service group says poppy boxes will be set up and accepting coin donations at approximately 25,000 locations in Canada.
Electronic donation boxes accepting tap payment options will be piloted at 250 locations after the campaign begins on Oct. 30.
As well, revenue from sales of non-medical legion masks produced this year will support the legion.

Masks, you say? I hope you don’t have to pin them on!

Seriously, though, I kind of like the idea of poppy masks. I certainly won’t end up feeling like a jerk a couple of days in, because this poppy won’t fall off!

I might end up just giving a donation to the Legion, since I’m not sure how easy it will be to find a poppy box and I’m not exactly out all the time going places. I have found the KW Poppy Fund on Canada Helps, so that could be an option. I also found a reference to the Poppy Store, and they seem to have masks but they might be out of stock.

Whatever we decide to do, we’re going to have to get creative this poppy season.

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