Happy Birthday To Me!

No, not me. My birthday is in December. The birthday in question is Gill’s. It happened over the weekend and she’s got a somewhat interesting take on it. Basically, 2020 is a strange time, but things have been worse.

I’ve had about as many birthdays as she has, and I can’t think of one that would compare to any of these or even qualify as being all that bad. The worst I can say about a birthday is that the weather sucked, but that’s what happens during winter in Canada.

Yesterday was my 41st birthday, and although it was a lot different than most it certainly was not the worst.  Here are some of the worst ones.

  • Couldn’t stop crying – When I was in sixth grade my 11th birthday came around and I felt what I referred to as “drippy.”  Nothing felt right, and I didn’t realize that I was showing early signs of bipolar depression.
  • Sour 16 – I was attending the school  for the blind at the time, and wasn’t very popular.  I had a bit of an accident, and had to run to my dorm and change. Unfortunately I showed up very late to a class and the teacher yelled at me in front of everyone.
  • Declined – 2015 saw me living in a bad neighborhood, spending 75% of my money on bills, and generally feeling bad about myself.  On my 36th birthday I went to grab some chips and fixins for nachos, but when I went to pay my debit card was declined due to insufficient funds.  Defeated, I went back to my crappy townhouse and had squash soup.


What was your worst birthday?

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