It’s Ok If Not Everything Is About Coronavirus

So here we have a story about some asshat spitting at a Tim Hortons drive through worker. It’s got something to do with a dust up over payment that they make no effort to help me understand. Had it not been for this line, I likely wouldn’t even have bothered mentioning it.

Police say during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have to be patient and exercise “better judgment, especially during this challenging time.”

Dude. Seriously. What does the pandemic have to do with this? It should be enough to say hey guys, please do not spit on other people unless they ask you to. It’s rude, not to mention assault. It would be one thing to say that what happened here is especially bad in light of our little COVID problem, but this wasn’t phrased that way. It almost sounds like it would have been ok to let it fly if we didn’t have that.

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