I’m struggling to figure out how a castration performed in the home of a 74-year-old man with no surgical training whom you met on a eunuch fetish website could go right, but going wrong? No problem there. That’s an easy one.

Responding to a Florida residence late Sunday night following a 911 hang-up call, police encountered homeowner Gary Van Ryswyk at the front door. The retiree explained that he “had that evening performed a castration to a male subject within the residence.”
Police then located the patient in the guest bedroom, where the man “was holding a bloody towel to his groin region.” On a table next to the bed was a jar containing the man’s testicles, according to an arrest report.
Since he was bleeding uncontrollably, the patient was flown to a Tampa hospital for “life saving measures.”

A search of Van Ryswyk’s home in Sebring located a room that was “set up as a make shift surgical room,” complete with “cutting implements, gauzes, substances to clot blood, needles, and clamps used to restrict the blood flow to the testicles.”

Van Ryswyk told police that he had lots of experience castrating animals, having lived on a farm in his younger days. He also said that he had performed the procedure, or at least half of it, on himself back in 2012. That was the year he removed his right testicle, he claimed.

On the subject of the medical misadventure that brought the police to his door on this day, Van Ryswyk said that during the operation, he had used some painkilling medicine on his patient. What kind was not noted. All we know is that he bought it online from someplace in Britain. Only the best in this clinic.

He was arrested and charged with a felony count of practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury. His patient or victim or whatever you would classify him is ok…I think. According to various reports, he was taken to hospital where he was listed as being in stable condition. Hopefully he is resting as comfortably as one can after an old dude from the internet pops one’s nuts out in the family room.

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