Pretty Sure Walmart Thinks We’re Morons

They keep running this ad talking about the convenience of ordering groceries from them online. Cool. I’ll stick with the Central Fresh Market because I like them more and because they actually deliver to my area, but whatever. Anyway, at the end, it mentions their “free grocery pick-up.” Well…yeah. I should hope so. Who out there is literally charging people to go get their own groceries with their own vehicle? I wouldn’t put it past a company like Walmart to try mind you, but that’s some pretty serious advertising puffery there. A mighty example of plugging a common sense thing as if it’s a feature that the best and the brightest on the payroll spent years innovating in their top secret high level strategy lab.

Seriously, get outa here with this, Walmart. I have no idea whether or not you charge a picking and packing fee, but if you do, it’s ok to say so. Everyone would understand that. But if you don’t, say that too. Don’t try to make it out to be something it isn’t. Free packing is totally a thing. Free pick-up is not, and should never be.

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