United Takes A Break

The cleaning crew seems to have, at any rate.

Sam Trail, of Houston, said he and his wife were forced to sit in a seat with fresh vomit on the back, of the seat in front of them, the floor and the seat itself.
“The seat in front of me was covered with vomit,” Trail said. “They kept boarding the people and so we couldn’t move. We basically had our luggage in our laps trying to avoid contact with the vomit.”
They said they were on United Flight 2057 from Vancouver to Houston on Sunday afternoon.

Trail said that when he alerted the flight crew of the vomit, they were more concerned with the departure time.
“I was told, ‘Oh, yeah, we can get a cleaning crew, but you’re going to be the reason this flight is delayed,'” Trail said.

Trail said a flight attendant handed him a wad of paper towels to clean the vomit before a cleaning person boarded the plane with a spray bottle and towel. Trail said the vomit was not totally cleaned when they sat down.

The airline, as is custom, provided some word barf about cleanliness standards and a failure to live up to them. And yes, they will be reaching out to the Trails to discuss next steps. Might I humbly suggest cleaning the planes before you let more people get on them? That seems like a good place to start.

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