We Now Go Live To A Dead Guy

Talking live into a microphone is hard. I spent a few years doing it myself, so I can sympathize when somebody messes up. And I think Sara Welch here could use some of that sympathy right now, because this one’s not going to be easy to live down.

A reporter has been left red-faced after asserting she tried to reach out to a man who died in a car crash for comment during a live broadcast.
The slip-up occurred as journalist Sara Welch was reporting on a fatal car pursuit in Anaheim, South California, for Los Angeles channel KLTA.
Welch, while standing in front of the Anaheim police station, told viewers the deceased was contacted, but not able to comment on the incident.

“We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit, they were unavailable for comment,” she said.

Two things:

  1. Welch says she meant to say that she reached out to the family of the man who died and had no idea she screwed up until well after the fact. I’m sure that’s true.
  2. The article snip says KLTA, but what it means to say is KTLA. KTLA is a TV station in California. KLTA is a radio station in Minnesota.

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