The Car Broke Down! What Do We Do!? I Know, Let’s Call Lyft Your Stuff

This should be your typical Master Criminals tale. Two thieves are caught in the act, they try to flee but can’t because their getaway car has other plans, but then, instead of taking off on foot, they decide to hang out and call someone else for a ride. Indeed, this ought to nestle neatly into one of our most used categories. There’s just one problem. They got away. What? How? How close was their emergency driver? How far away were these cops?

Troopers say they were called Aug. 31 to a home on Gosser Road in Jordan Township to respond to a burglary.
State police say Jeffrey Paup and Janalle Brink were removing items from the home when they were interrupted by the alleged victim’s mother.
The two then tried to leave in their car, but it wouldn’t start, so they called another person to pick them up, according to the state police report.

The police do at least have the car they left at the scene, so that’s something. If I’m them, I reach out and let these two know I have it and that they’re welcomed to swing by and pick it up whenever they’d like. I figure odds are at least 60-40 that they’d try. Or maybe I just sit back and wait for them to call about their stolen car. Either way, this can’t be a long pursuit. Right?

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