Guh. Kids These Days. Or Maybe Not

Woman faces impaired charges after collision with three-year-old in minivan: police My first question upon seeing this headline is probably the same one you have. What in the world was a three-year-old doing driving a minivan? The answer, of course, is it wasn’t. This is just another in the never ending parade of poorly written […]

What’s Up, Paul? Not Much. Just Getting COVID Tested For No Reason

I like this commercial for the most part, but it has one major flaw. If Paul has COVID but doesn’t know it, how did he end up getting tested, which gave him the code, which he entered into the app, bla bla bla? If you’re not symptomatic, you’re probably not getting a test which won’t […]

Gob Blabbit, I Thed Gleeb Id Dowd Ub Dere! Ad Gall Be Ad Abulamfe!

As someone who has been renting apartments for a shade over two decades now (sweet Jesus I’m old), I feel confident when I say that there are many, and I do mean many, ways of dealing with a noisy neighbour that are superior to shooting yourself in the face. A Phoenix man is in extremely […]

Milk Is Amazingly Gross When You Can’t See What It’s Doing

Steve’s naked singing milk-drinking guy made me think of this milk commercial, and some thoughts I had about it. I’m sure what’s happening there is there is a waterfall of milk and maybe a cow off to the side mooing. But that is not the image that the sound conjured up for me, who couldn’t […]

Milk: It Does A Body Better Than Whatever Else He Put In There

Homeowner finds naked man singing in kitchen, drinking milk Authorities say a Pennsylvania homeowner who heard someone singing inside his home found a naked man drinking milk in his kitchen. Erie police say the homeowner heard the singing around 3 a.m. Monday. He grabbed his pistol, went to investigate and soon found the man sitting […]

Another Large Entry in the Shmans Chronicles

It’s time for another Shmans update, complete with new songs she likes sprinkled throughout. I’ve accumulated a surprising amount of stuff even though we haven’t been exactly leading an exciting life. She is definitely enjoying all this chill time. Now that we’re not going out nearly as much as we used to, she is enjoying […]

Slow And Steady Wins The Race, Or At Least Might Prevent You From Having To Run The Race Again

Admittedly I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to the safe and proper administration of vaccines, so maybe there’s a solid reason for all of this carrying on about how reserving doses so that people are able to get their second COVID shot is all of a sudden bad. But what I do […]