The Plot Unraveled When Investigators Noticed Everyone’s Names

Three men have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a bus driver in Ohio. There isn’t much amusing about that, but if there’s one thing that qualifies it’s that two of the arrested are Abraham Shears and Donte T. Slash. And yes, Slash is the one who is accused of doing the actual stabbing…slashing?

Two men have been formally indicted and a third has entered a guilty plea in connection with the Sept. 24 killing of a Prairie Township man that prosecutors are calling a murder-for-hire plot.
John Clinedinst, 54, of Darbyhurst Road, was found stabbed to death on the porch of his home on the morning of Sept. 24. He had been working as a Columbus City Schools bus driver at the time of his death.
An investigation led detectives to Abraham Shears, 52, who had previously lived with Clinedinst and another person at the Darbyhurst Road home.
Shears is accused of hiring 19-year-old Tarayle G. Glick, of the Near East Side, and 23-year-old Donte T. Slash, of the North Side, to kill Clinedinst and make it look like an MS-13 gang murder, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said in a news release.

Slash, who is believed to have wielded the weapon during the stabbing, entered a guilty plea to a single count of aggravated murder Thursday, O’Brien said. Slash’s sentencing is currently scheduled for July 30.

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  1. Wow. Who would’ve ever expected former Guns N’ Roses guitarist to be committing murders like that? Although, I suppose if he worked with Axel long enough, you might want to commit murders also.

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