Honika Electronika

This song has been around for years. I would have never known. It’s certainly perfect for this year, since we’re not supposed to be seeing our whole families this holiday.

The phonetic spelling of Hanukkah in the title made me want to find out why it’s sometimes spelled Chanukah and sometimes Hanukkah. Apparently there are 20 different spellings out there.

Looking this up reminded me of one time many years ago when Steve’s sister called us up and seriously asked “There’s a sign that says “Happy Chanukah. What’s Chanukah?” But she pronounced it like Cha-nu-ka. When we said that’s Hanukkah, she said “No! That’s not how you spell Hanukkah!”

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, I hope it’s a happy one, even if it might be small.

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