It’s Wrestling, Honey. No, Not Tongue Wrestling. Honest

I wouldn’t say I’m at the point of enjoying empty building WWE yet, but I’m certainly much more at peace with it than I was when I hit Mania the other day. There’s still one thing about it that I just can’t get over, though.

What’s up with all the grunting? Seriously. I realize that some of it is natural athlete stuff, but some of you are going way overboard with it. Honest to god, there have been moments watching these shows when I stop what I’m doing and ask myself if someone has swapped my Monday Night Raw for Monday Night Rod, because the sounds coming from my speakers are pornographic as hell.

Making noise in an empty arena setting is important, I get that. But also important are the kinds of noises being made. I hope someone figures this out soon, because there are still like four months before I hit the fake ass ThunderDome crowd noise era and I’m not sure how much more of this embarrassment I can take. Then again I admit to watching Raw on a weekly basis, so who am I to bitch about embarrassment?

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