Gob Blabbit, I Thed Gleeb Id Dowd Ub Dere! Ad Gall Be Ad Abulamfe!

As someone who has been renting apartments for a shade over two decades now (sweet Jesus I’m old), I feel confident when I say that there are many, and I do mean many, ways of dealing with a noisy neighbour that are superior to shooting yourself in the face.

A Phoenix man is in extremely critical condition after he fired gunshots into his apartment ceiling when he became “upset” with the upstairs neighbors. One of the shots struck him in the face.
The incident happened about 11:20 p.m. Sunday at an apartment complex near Baseline Road and 36th Street, Phoenix police said.
Police said the man, who was not identified, initially banged on his neighbor’s door prior to firing the shots, but he then made his way back to his apartment.

Old as I am, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone being listed in “extremely critical condition.” As far as I’ve always known, critical condition is as bad as it gets. The only place you can be downgraded to from there is dead. Is this an American thing or some dramatic newspaper phrasing?

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