Guh. Kids These Days. Or Maybe Not

Woman faces impaired charges after collision with three-year-old in minivan: police
My first question upon seeing this headline is probably the same one you have. What in the world was a three-year-old doing driving a minivan?

The answer, of course, is it wasn’t. This is just another in the never ending parade of poorly written headlines.

Seriously, does nobody edit anything anymore? I’m hardly goddamn Hemingway over here, but if my sleepy ass can catch most of this stuff, why can’t the news? Every one of you people almost certainly makes more money than I do for the act of typing things out and posting them on the internet. Nobody’s perfect, but can we all resolve to maybe try to get it together a little more in the new year?

Now as for what actually happened, police say that our over served friend here, who it should be noted was the one actually driving the minivan, hit a pickup truck in the middle of the afternoon and then took off. As for the three-year-old, it’s hers, and it had the unfortunate luck of being her passenger at the time. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

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