All About COVID Conspiracies

This is long (about 22 minutes), but it’s a good watch if you’re someone struggling with whether or not to believe a COVID conspiracy theory or struggling with someone who is. And let’s face it, a lot of us fall into one of those groups right now.

One thing I like is that it touches on one of the most basic things I ask people when they tell me something crazy like everyone is in on this. How practical is that? How likely is it that people who can’t agree on whether water is wet or if the sun rises in the east are going to come together to fake a virus in order to…what? Not only is there no solid endgame here that benefits everyone, but how could that many people be involved without the truth coming out even if everyone did their best to get along? The example of the mid sized surprise party is perfect. No matter what, somebody is telling Roxanne.

There’s good advice here among the silliness and occasional harsh insults, not only for how to approach COVID info, but potential misinformation in general. The most important thing is something we often harp on here. Stop and think. That will take you pretty far and can save you all sorts of trouble.

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