That’s Quite The Commentary Team, Impact

Impact has made some interesting choices for its new announce team. I hope it works out. Impact gets more right nowadays than it gets wrong so I trust them more on this than I would have a few years ago, but still, interesting.

If I’ve ever heard D’Lo Brown do commentary, I don’t remember it. Hopefully that means he isn’t super embarrassing if he has.

As for Matt Striker, I hope we get the good version of him. the one who is clearly a big fan, knows his history, speaks well, knows the names of every move and can explain how and why they work thanks to his in-ring experience. what we don’t need is the insufferable, hyperbolic windbag who goes to absurd lengths to draw parallels between things that don’t relate to each other, makes ridiculous, flowery references to super heroes and other such nonsense and who never knows when to just shut the hell up or keep things simple. If he can stay away from some of those tendencies, he could be a real asset to the product.

I’m actually going to miss Josh Mathews a bit. He’s gotten to be a perfectly good announcer over the years, and he made good teams with both Don Callis and Madison Rayne in recent times. He’s not leaving the company so maybe we’ll still hear him around now and again, but things are sure going to sound different from now on. Hopefully it’s a good different.

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