Keep E-Comm And Carry ON

The annual stupid ass reasons why people called 911 lists are starting to come out. E-Comm, one of the dispatch systems in British Columbia, is out with its top 10. Some are fairly standard, but you can definitely see the COVID influence creeping in.

  1. To complain that a food delivery driver did not deliver a meal.
  2. To inquire if there is a full lockdown for COVID-19.
  3. To ask if having a trampoline is illegal during COVID-19. That’s ok as long as you don’t have more than five people bouncing on it at any one time, especially if those people aren’t from the same household. At least I think that’s how it works. Hang on, I have to make a quick phone call.
  4. To ask for assistance applying for CERB.
  5. To complain that a mattress purchased second-hand was more soiled than advertised. Some soil is ok, but I won’t have any of this local merchants going above and beyond shit in my house, mister.
  6. To report that a bank card was stuck in the ATM.
  7. To report a neighbour for smoking in a non-smoking building.
  8. To inquire about how to enter a career in law enforcement. Not calling 911 to ask that question seems like a good start.
  9. To confirm the time. How come it’s always time for a visit and a talking to from the police?
  10. To ask for help after getting locked out of the car.

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