Stuff about COVID Vaccines, And A Song Too!

I heard this song, and thought it was awesome and would give me an excuse to put up another link that I’ve wanted to post anyway.

So we kinda sorta have COVID vaccines if we can keep the supply going. But there are a bunch of folks who are worried about how they came out with it so fast. Nothing medical should be rushed, I get it. So to answer some common questions, Public Health Canada created a page detailing the COVID-19 vaccine approval process. Basically, they’re saying they could move faster because they have more scientists working on the problem because it’s kind of global, they have great gobs of money because the problem is kind of global, and the way they’re designing this vaccine makes it faster to develop. But if you go there, you can go through all sorts of links going into all sorts of detail.

Also, I thought I would mention Anne-Marie Zajdlik’s blog because she writes about the vaccines in a very down-to-earth way and she has lots of other useful links and info. One of them was a link to a video breaking down the ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine.

Alright, lyrics time. I had to write these out because the captions were the dirtiest of dirt poor, and I’m not sure of one of the lines. Will put a * in brackets next to it. Maybe someone can help me fix it.

I heard there was a rumour shared, that COVID vaccines were unprepared, or brewed to really censor and control you.
But it goes like this, a fourth, a fifth, of people might all fall for this, they’re thinking of opposing having new jabs
have the new jab, have the new jab, have the new jab, have the new jab.

Well the science is strong, and they’ve yielded proof, you won’t grow scales or camel’s hooves, they duly checked the trials and then approved them.
It’s biological warfare, they broke all records but still took care, so please do not refuse to have the new jab.

maybe we all get misled, we see this post or a Whatsapp thread, they use conspiracy theories just to fool ya.
It’s not needle pricks to be scared about, it’s the ones who put this nonsense out. It’s absurd and it’s mistaken, have the new jab.

Maybe there’s a plan above, to implant things into our blood, but why on Earth would Bill Gates want to rule ya?
It’s not a trick to get you spayed, it’s not some change to our DNA, it’s a COVID fighting weapon, have the new jab.

There are some times we make a choice, a personal view, a protest voice, but other times we’re part of something greater.
So remember this ain’t just for you, your jab’s protecting others too, and every breath we save is hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

A trick to get you spayed? Now there’s a conspiracy theory I hadn’t heard yet.

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