Seasons Of Trump

Wow. That’s quite the high note at the end there. I’m impressed.

You made it, America! You survived four years (actually more if you count everything that lead up to it) of this shit. The Donald Trump era is about to end, at least officially. On behalf of the world, thank you for not giving him a second term. It looked close there for a minute, but right prevailed. Hopefully this is the start of us being able to deal with your country in a civilized, friendly, predictable, professional way again.

I know that even though on paper he’s gone, the changes he brought to the world and especially to your country aren’t leaving with him. For some reason he still has millions of supporters, some of whom will go to absolutely crazy lengths to do what they see, right or wrong, as his bidding. That sort of thing doesn’t simply switch off because sane people take over at noon. There’s a long, difficult road ahead. I wish you well. There’s nothing else I can say.

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