But On The Bright Side, You’re Fired

While it seems like everyone in the world is getting the fricking Coronavirus these days, it also looks as though nobody is getting regular old coughs and colds. As a matter of fact, so few people are coming down with those thanks to all the masks and the distancing and the not being around people that a lozenge factory on Prince Edward Island just laid off 30 workers. Talk about a no win situation. You can either lose your job because everyone is sick, or you can lose it because no one is.

“Cold and cough season is almost non-existent this year, which has resulted in a decline of our lozenge business for the first two quarters of 2021,” Scott Spencer, president and chief operating officer of Island Abbey Foods, said in a statement to CBC News.
“While we have seen substantial gains with our digital retail strategy, it does not replace the volume we projected in anticipation of a regular cold and cough season.┬áTherefore, unfortunately, we’ve made the difficult decision to eliminate 30 temporary positions from our production operation.

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