Goodbye TSN 1150, Hello BNN Bloomberg Radio

As of Today, Bell has decided that 1150 CKOC will be going from a sports radio station they hardly did anything with and that nobody really paid attention to to a business radio station that they’ll hardly do anything with and that even fewer people will pay attention to.

HAMILTON, Ont. (February 9, 2021) – BNN Bloomberg, Canada’s definitive source for business news, along with iHeartRadio Canada, today announced the launch of a new BNN Bloomberg Radio station, now available on 1150 AM in Hamilton, Ont.
Featuring a simulcast of BNN Bloomberg’s linear television broadcast and in-depth, live, long-form, specialty programming from Bloomberg’s radio service, BNN Bloomberg Radio 1150 keeps listeners across the country up-to-date on breaking business news as it happens. Joining BNN Bloomberg’s first radio station, BNN Bloomberg Radio 1410 in Vancouver, the new station is powered by BNN Bloomberg’s team of trusted journalists as well as contributions from Bloomberg’s roster of 2,700 business journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries.
Additionally, BNN Bloomberg Radio 1150 integrates a broad array of short- and long-form content, including EXPONENTIAL WITH AMANDA LANG, a weekly podcast from the BNN Bloomberg host exploring the worlds of business, technology, sociology, and art, and how they intersect.
BNN Bloomberg Radio 1150 will be available for live streaming across the country through the iHeartRadio Canada app, and locally in Hamilton on 1150 AM.
BNN Bloomberg Radio also delivers voice-activated business news updates via the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on phones as well as smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo Spot.

A simulcast of the BNN TV channel? Wow, guys. Good thinking. Does anyone happen to remember how well that went years ago when 1050 CHUM in Toronto was nothing but a rebroadcast of CP24? Do you recall the ratings for that thing, or is one of Bell’s few remaining media employees still out searching for a shovel big enough to dig for numbers that low?

I don’t know yet what this means for the rights to the live sports the station carried, but CHML feels like a natural landing spot for most of it. It wouldn’t shock me to see them take back the rights to the Tiger-Cats, if nothing else. They also had a deal to broadcast some Bulldogs games already, so they could potentially pick up the rest of those, too. It would also be nice to see them get Hamilton’s Leafs rights back since 900 is a pretty solid signal. It’s usually much easier to pick up while out driving around than 1150, especially once you get out of town.

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