Talk Is Cheap. Dead Air Is Cheaper

This is supposed to be satire, but it’s a little too on the nose. Bell is just the worst. I’m not sure if there’s anything for which they can be criminally prosecuted for blatantly stealing all of that COVID emergency business relief money, but if there is, may it rain down upon them like vengeance and death from above as it would on you or I.
Bell asks Canadians to stop talking

Bell Media shocked the radio market Tuesday when it shuttered three of its sports-themed stations as part of an ongoing layoff streak, following their recent “Let’s Talk” mental health campaign with a restructuring move called “Chat’s Over, Pack Your Shit.”
Critics of the layoffs condemned the broadcaster for sudden mass firings in the middle of a pandemic, seemingly incongruous with their annual mental health awareness message. But Bell has embraced the contradiction, saying it needs to focus on the supply side of depression too.
“Sure, ‘Let’s Talk’ is a great way to get millions of dollars in free publicity by building a shameless ad campaign on the backs of the suffering masses,” Bell Media president Wade Oosterman told reporters. “But if we don’t cultivate that suffering, we won’t have enough anxiety and depression out there for next year’s crop. Those employees we ruthlessly fire today will be the benefactors of our ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign in 2022. It’s the circle of marketing.”

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