Yeah Boss. I’m Super Sick. If You Don’t Believe Me, You Can Ask This Error-laden Documentation I Just Knocked Together

A 34-year-old Santwon Antonio Davis of Morrow, Georgia, finds himself in some legal trouble after allegedly doing a pretty sloppy ass job of tricking his employer into believing that he and his mother had Coronavirus so that he could take advantage of the company’s we’ll pay you while you’re stuck in quarantine policy.

A manager at the plant informed Davis that if he did indeed have covid-19, the plant would be forced to shut down for cleaning and quarantine procedures for colleagues with whom he’d had close contact, the complaint states. Davis was also asked to provide documentation of his covid-19 diagnosis, and Davis emailed a copy of a letter that claimed he had been admitted to Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Hospital South on March 20 and should self-quarantine for two weeks. Notably, the letter did not include test results, according to the complaint.
But the HR department at the plant noticed some issues with the document, namely that the letter stated Davis was discharged from the medical facility on November 10—rather than in March, when he claimed he’d been there—and that the letter had no formal letterhead or signature. When the company contacted the medical center, a staffer told the company that it was not performing covid-19 tests. A further investigation turned up no record of Davis being present at the medical center during the time he claimed to receive his diagnosis, the complaint states.

The company got in touch again to make sure that he really wanted to go through with this, at which time he told them that yes, he had COVID symptoms. They must have been really bad ones, because after that conversation he stopped responding to any of the company’s texts and phone calls.

His employer, who was not identified, is apparently a fan of neither being ghosted nor being ripped off to the tune of $100000. Mr. Davis discovered this the hard way when he was suddenly out of a job and into the federal justice system.

Speaking of the justice system, the justice department notes that our friend Santwon here did eventually admit that he was never sick, at least not with Coronavirus. Whatever mental condition caused him to think that any of this might be a good idea is another matter for another day, and perhaps another department.

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