There’s Nothing Like A Nice Day At The Bleach

It’s an old story that some of you may have already heard, but I feel the need to highlight it anyway just because it’s so…so…so…so fucking stupid.

In preparation for the easing of some COVID lockdown measures last April, an area in Spain decided that it would be a solid children protecting move to hose a bunch of stuff down with disinfectants in order to help eliminate the virus. Cars, streets, train stations, a couple kilometres of beach, buil…hold on, what was that last one?

A picturesque beach in the Spanish province of Cádiz has been sprayed with diluted bleach, in a misguided and environmentally unfriendly attempt to protect children from the novel coronavirus.
“It’s totally absurd,” María Dolores Iglesias Benítez, head of a local environmental volunteer group, told the Guardian. “The beach is a living ecosystem. And when you spray it down with bleach, you’re killing everything you come across.”
The beach, Zahara de los Atunes, was doused in bleach last week in preparation for an easing of lockdown measures brought on by the covid-19 pandemic. Speaking to the BBC, local official Agustín Conejo said the decision to spray the beach with the powerful disinfectant was “a wrong move” and a “mistake,” but that it was “done with the best intention” to protect children.

Hey Google, how do you say the road to hell is paved with good intentions in Spanish?

How successful the dousing was at killing the Coronavirus isn’t known, but it sounds like it and the sprayer tractors used to carry it out did a pretty good number on the other wildlife in the area, from insects right on up to the protected migratory birds.

No charges had been filed against anyone at the time the Gizmodo story was published, but an investigation was said to have been ongoing.

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  1. I asked Siri, not Google. Apparently it’s El camino del infierno está plagado de buenas intenciones You’re welcome.

    1. Apparently I missed a punctuation mark. You’re welcome is obviously a separate sentence. I needed to get this before you took the piss.

    2. Hahahaha.  I almost did ask if you’re welcome was part of it, but you’re in luck.  It’s I don’t feel like being a total asshole night.  Or hour.  Or few minutes.  Just enjoy it while you can, lol.  I just like that you took a minute to write that down for the record.

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