You Should Get A Plane Ride! And You Should Get A Plane Ride! And You Should Get A Plane Ride!…

Federal government approves Air Canada purchase of Transat A.T. Inc.
No matter what you would think of this merger during normal times, right now there’s no way in hell it should be allowed. Christ. Air Canada shouldn’t be allowed to treat a buddy to a Tims run right now let alone purchase another airline. In no world where anybody cares about anything and things make a lick of sense should a company be allowed to cry poor, stick out one hand, fill it with nearly $500 million in government wage subsidies and counting, lay off half the workforce anyway, then cry poorer, stick out the other one, say please government, give us a bailout and then somehow have enough of its own money left to eliminate some competition. That competition, I should add, has received around $100 million worth of government assistance in its own right. That’s horseshit. At this point, Air Canada isn’t buying Air Transat. The *country* of Canada is buying it. That’s all of us, by the way. I look forward to my lifetime of free executive flights, asshats.

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